About Us

Breath for Breath began when the founder had a difficult time breathing during a particularly heavy wildfire season and realized that a high quality air mask was essential. Thick ashy pollution darkened the air. Many local stores run out of air masks and people were wearing the wrong kind of mask, thus harming their health further.

That same season, on a business trip, the founder observed that just thirty minutes away in the Bay Area, children were walking to school and playing in the playground without air masks. These children’s health was being negatively impacted for the rest of their life. This is when the idea for Breath for Breath was born. 

At Breath for Breath, for every air mask that is sold another is donated to a vulnerable child at a school. 

Breath for Breath realizes that one’s health is of the utmost importance. Protect yourself and your family and know that your purchase helps protect others. Together we can ensure that our future is protected.